Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Do We Lose Our Spirits When We Get Older?

As a child we all believe that we can be anything that we want a superhero a fanous pop star but when we get older we start to believe that imangation is 'like so last year'. Why is that? Just like that when we hit that certain age we begin to become that grouchy libraian that you made fun of as a kid. When we get older we should be more fun and enterjetic instead we find ourselves complaining sick of the world. I vow that when I am an 80 year old I will be the coolest lady on my block and instead of a motor scooter I will speed on my motorcycle all day. :) Watch out. 


  1. When you become an adult and realise that things aren't as easy as they are when you're a child, imagination kinda takes a back seat to reality.