Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Do We Lose Our Spirits When We Get Older?

As a child we all believe that we can be anything that we want a superhero a fanous pop star but when we get older we start to believe that imangation is 'like so last year'. Why is that? Just like that when we hit that certain age we begin to become that grouchy libraian that you made fun of as a kid. When we get older we should be more fun and enterjetic instead we find ourselves complaining sick of the world. I vow that when I am an 80 year old I will be the coolest lady on my block and instead of a motor scooter I will speed on my motorcycle all day. :) Watch out. 

Has The World Improved Over the past 100 Years?

That is the question I am wondering thins morning. I don't think the world has. We have gotten into more wars countries are building nuclear weapons, we are polluting the environment, and taking away animal habitats. What have we done to better the world in the past 100 years? What do you think? 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madoff To Spend 150 Years!

I can't believe that the judge is going to have Madoff spend 150 years in jail. He is an old man! What the heck is having him spend 150 years gonna do! He is going to be dead by then and the judge could have easily made his point by having he spend 20 years. I know the man is a criminal jail is not going to get the money back and the judge is over reacting. I think this crime shows how greedy the world is today. All people care about today is money and that is what got people into this mess. What did Madoff do differently then the other banks? They should all go to jail then and not just him. 

Michael Jackson is DEAD!!

News spread across the nation when we heard those words "Michael Jackson was found not breathing in his home". What really happened to Michael Jackson. According to the news his doctor who was at his house for some reason preformed CPR on MJ for 42 minutes. What the heck was that doctor thinking! Before that doctor even started CPR he should of called 911. The hospital is two minutes away. If you ask me that doctor is the reason why the legend is not alive today. What was the doctor even doing over his house anyway. This is the kind of stuff the people who want to know what happened should be doing. That doctor should lose his license. I hope God is with Michael Jackson's family and friends.  People have been posting all over the internet hurtful thing about MJ. Why don't you just leave him alone! The man is dead. All I ask for is a little credit. Michael Jackson reveloutionized music, dance and style without him some most of the music out there today wouldnt exist. He created the word dance and people today treat him like a monster! Some people would argue that he wasn't normal but of course he wasnt! He spent his whole life on the stage. He did not have a child hood. And this is how people repay him. They only focus on the bad things that happened. That he was accused of child molestation. HE WAS PROVEN NOT GULITY!! Michael Jackson is not a madman he is a hero.  All in all what I really want to say is R.I.P. MJ I will miss you.